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Bajwa Bros was formed in year 1998 with a view to procure the basic raw materials for the smooth production of its other affiliated companies. Afterwards, Bajwa Bros expanded its horizons and many new dimensions were introduced to have maximum business. A company which was initially formed to support its parent company, subsequently became back bone of the group of companies and more to the point, it gain a big market share in the Pakistan as it indulges in import, export business. Local companies have regular business with Bajwa Bros regarding their import needs.



Bajwabros. Co. Ltd is an established company, having regional offices in Thailand and UAE. Head office is situated in Lahore, Pakistan. Every new business, deal is approved from Bajwa Bros Head office. Regional offices are to take care of needs of respective importer/exporters. Deals are inked and finalized by the Head offices and Regional offices are always at alert position to have the maximum out come in the minimum time. Bajwabros. Co. Ltd is intending to establish a strategic information system for the company's client network with a level of sophistication appropriate for a leading international company in the 21st century. With this policy Bajwabros. Co. Ltd will be able to communicate with the international buyers, sellers, importers, exporters with rapid approach, and it will be in a position to locate the source and get the offers within 48 hrs.



Bajwabros. Co. Ltd principal lines of business had all been agro-industry related, animal feed, poultry, agricultural chemicals and industrial chemicals.Bajwabros. Co. Ltd. had foreseen the necessity of opening up a trading network of at least 10 overseas offices. All with the aim of promoting exports of its clients' needs and value added other products. This trade network of overseas offices in addition to assuring quality service to its clients provides the group with a direct access to market information and its affiliated companies.



Within a short period of time, Bajwa Bros. Pakistan/Bajwabros. Co. Ltd has organized two offices in Thailand and UAE. While Bajwabros. Co. Ltd. early concerns focused mainly on vertical integration within the agricultural sector marketing and distribution this need to become a major player in the wholesale and retail distribution of its own and partner's products. Having studied the situation from a global point of view, Bajwabros. Co. Ltd. impressed by the tried and true formulas that "worked" adopted those solutions as best exemplified by APM and Bajwa Bros (mining).


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